Who better to solve complex organisational challenges than the people who work in the organisation?



 At Mindset’up we strongly believe that effective team dynamics and interactions provide a superior work experience for team members.

This in-turn increases engagement and allows teams to build shared knowledge and be more innovative; enabling

organisations to achieve results that an individual working alone cannot.


To move forward with the organisational challenges, we use a powerful approach to building collaborative capacity :


            Appreciative Inquiry ®  - a positive approach to change


 Appreciative Inquiry , a powerful participative model, focuses on identifying what is working well, analysing why it is working

and how to use the approach in different circumstances.


The process focuses on possibilities, not problems. It uses a structured approach of guided questions that encourage future

focused thinking and employee-to-employee interaction


Appreciative Inquiry works because it gives people the opportunity to be in relationships, to be heard, to dream collectively, to

choose how to contribute and use their own skills, to be supported, and to be inspired toward positive change.


Potential outcomes of incorporating Appreciative Inquiry in your change management strategy : 

- sustainable and transformative change

- clarified and enhanced sense of identity and belonging

- change in the basic orientation from problem-focused to possibility-focused

- renewal of energy, motivation and commitment

- improved working relations


Appreciative inquiry can be used in teams for up to two hundreds to provide practical, future plans that learn from experience.