Mindset'Up has developed collaborative leadership programme and workshops to help leaders and managers learn the skills to build strong workplace relationships and become a collaborative leader.


As leader or manager how you act can make or break trust by triggering avoidance (fight or flight) or co-operative behaviours and mindsets. Using latest research from neuroscience and positive psychology, we will work with you to understand your impact as a leader and provide tools, tips and techniques for effectively leading teams.


With the “Art & Science of Collaborative Leadership” programme  you will learn about yourself as a leader, how to work with the brain to communicate with and engage others. You will also discover our unique RADAR© model that will help you identify smart changes that you can make make to inspire individuals and to help your teams to embed new innovative habits, work agilely and meet challenging targets.


You want to strengthen specific traits of collaborative leadership, our team of trainers can deliver thematic workshops such as : 

  • Developing coaching skills to unlock the full potential in your teams
  • Authentically influence within and outside your organisation
  • Develop active listening and powerful questioning for stronger relationships and impactful results
  • Holding  constructive dialogue in difficult conversations - Positively dealing with conflict
  • Building and maintaining strong, self-supporting teams
  • Helping your team members to build their resilience and overcome setbacks 

Contact us for more details about the above programmes or to discuss a fully tailored approach to meet your specific organisation needs.