Our experienced Mindset’Up coaches, certified in Results System Coaching ® work with individuals to facilitate change , helping you to identify solutions that work for you. 


During the coaching session, we focus on where you are now, where you want to be and what you will do about getting there. We use a clearly articulated and well structured process that facilitates results, providing clarity by firmly focusing on setting and achieving objectives.


Mindset’up coaches follow the 4 principles of Results System Coaching ® (accredited by the International Coaching Federation) :

  1. Self-directed learning :  we help you answer your own questions and come up with your own ideas. We support your learning journey through a structured and challenging questioning approach
  2. Solution focused : we help you search for the best possible solution
  3. Stretch :  we stretch you to think differently and take on actions that push you to do things differently
  4. Positive Feedback :  we provide positive reinforcement to allow you to focus and keep momentum in what you are trying to achieve

Some reasons why our clients coach with us :

  • To accelerate their professional growth
  • To make more effective, faster decisions  
  • To brainstorm long term strategy and resolution of present challenges 
  • To effectively handle conflicts and deal with difficult people
  • To prioritise and plan activities for better time management

Coaching can be used as part of a training programme or for personal leadership and management development.