Co-Learning / Action Learning Groups 


Through a series of Action Learning Groups, we can facilitate small groups of leaders and managers to help each other solve workplace challenges. Using a coaching style, the process enables the group to reflect, question, support and learn from each other, leading to solutions and concrete actions.



How does an action learning group work ?

  • The Challenge Holder : this person brings their challenge for discussion by the group. Their role is to review and reflect on the discussion
  • 4-6 Colleagues : provide insightful questions and feedback to help the challenge holder to reflect and move to action
  • The Facilitator : manages the process - enables trust - encourages openness - supports the challenge holder


The benefits of using action learning group :

  • An opportunity for personal development
  • improves deep listening, thought provoking questioning and problem solving skills
  • Allows participants to learn from colleagues facing similar challenges
  • Embeds ongoing learning and collaborative working skills into the workplace