Mindset'Up offers psychometric assessment tools to develop self awareness. Coupled with individual coaching, these tools are excellent vehicles to help managers and leaders to develop personalised action plans to maximise positive impact.


  • Use E.Q-i assessment to understand your triggers for emotions and apply emotional intelligence to recognise, understand and use emotions effectively to inspire teams
  • Use VIP2APro assessment to understand your own dynamic behavioural strength

You can take the assessment on-line and receive personal telephone or face-to-face coaching on the results to understand your strengths and development areas and receive tips for development.

EQ-i Emotional Intelligence


The Emotional Intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we :

  • perceive and express ourselves
  • develop and maintain social relationships
  • cope with challenges
  • use emotional information in a meaningful way

At Mindset'Up we offer two EQ-i assessment options :

  1. EQ-i 2.0 Personal Assessment - This is a self-assessment tool to understand your own emotional intelligence strengths
  2. EQ-i 360 Assessment - Leaders, managers can undertake this assessment, with anonymous responses from team members, peers and seniors on how they demonstrate emotions in the workplace

We are certified EQ-i 2.0 assessors.


VIP2APro Personality Inventory



The VIP2APro Personality Inventory assesses motivators, assertiveness and adaptability and through coaching builds on strengths to develop increased resilience and an adaptive mindset.


The VIP2APro Personality Inventory evaluates the behavioral dynamics through 4 main dimensions :

  1. Primary motivations : how your motivations impacts how you interact with others
  2. Secondary motivations : how your responses to negative feedback motivate your behaviour
  3. Adaptability : your current resilience levels and options for regaining composure under stress and how to calmly adapt to change in difficult or complex situations
  4. Assertiveness : current confidence levels in yourself and others and how this impacts interactions with others

We are certified VIP2APro assessors.