At Mindset’Up we help leaders develop essential collaborative skills and behaviours to build team commitment and enhance individual performance.



We enable this success in two critical ways :


  1. Building self awareness - We help you learn about yourself, identify your strengths and find ways to reframe and develop a positive mindset. Self aware leaders are able to increase their personal impact and overcome personal roadblocks to build more effective leadership.
    Find out more about building self awareness and action planning for results through assessment and coaching.
  1. Collaborating with others – We work with you to enhance the skills needed to influence , engage others and lead collaboratively. It helps you build a collaborative culture within and outside your organisation.
    This step is critical because to manage performance in a collaborative style required to gain the skills on how to build relationships, communicate well, address complex situations creatively.
    Find out more about building collaborative skills through training and  co-Learning