How you interact  with others, cope with complex situations, learn, regulate your stress reactions are all activities you could not tackle without the brain.


Neuroscience which studies the brain functioning, offers a new way to understand how people approach and respond to everyday situations.






At Mindset'Up we instill neuroscientific principles both in our development programmes and in our learning methodology : 

  • in our development programmes, the neuroscientific principles help you to understand how the brain reacts to situations and how you can use this to manage yourself and your teams more effectively.

    Why would you want to know more about the brain ? It helps answer workplace challenges such as :
    • why are change initiatives met with such apprehension 
    • why do some people disengage when you give them advice
    • why do some people feel anxious when they are called in to discuss their future
  • our learning methodology is based on the way the brain learns. The result is that what is learned is more deeply embedded and the likelihood you are able to apply learning on the job dramatically increases.


"We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience " John Dewey